Steel ropes STABIL

MULTI-STRAND steel rope – STABIL with the centre wound in parallel – 37(W) x 7

K1: 0.360 W1: 0.454

Rope of special design, suitable especially for very severe conditions. Non-rotating. Suitable for cranes, where the load is suspended on one rope cross section. Rope design improves features of the HERKULES type ropes. It is more resistant to damage. Number of outer strands can vary 35(W)x7.

Rough range of the manufactured diameters: 8-22 mm
Examples of use: These ropes are utilized for special cranes and wherever the load is suspended on one rope cross section and is not guided. In certain cases even as load carrying ropes of passenger tramways and hauling ropes when excavating.

Strength class: 1270, 1370, 1570, 1770, 1960, 2060, 2160

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